Fire Safety House

During the months of February, March, and April, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department hosts the Fire Safety Trailer Program.  This is an excellent opportunity to make a positive impression on young minds and to teach 3rd grade students of Santa Barbara County important fire and life safety lessons.  The goal of this program is to reduce the incidents of fires, injuries, and damage caused by fires each year.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department launched this unique program using a travel trailer specially designed as a kid-sized home complete with a kitchen, living room and bedroom. The Fire Safety Trailer is taken to each elementary school in Santa Barbara County and set up for a 50 minute fire and life safety program. This program is taught by an engine company with three to four firefighters serving as teachers and working directly with the third grade students.

There are three stations for the students to visit during their Fire Safety Trailer tour. The first station is the living room and kitchen where students learn about typical fire hazards in the home, and cooking fire safety and where they learn about burns and first-aid treatment. The second station is the bedroom where students learn about the importance of smoke alarms, having an escape plan, knowing two ways out, and having a safe meeting place outside. The third station is outside the trailer and is co-taught by an American Red Cross volunteer and firefighter. The focus of that training is disaster preparedness for the family and making a home disaster survival kit.

The Fire Safety Trailer is one of the most unique and valuable tools firefighters have for teaching public fire safety education. Each year, firefighters throughout the Santa Barbara County Fire Department reach about 2,000 third grade students with lessons from the Fire Safety Trailer.