Service Company Assistance

Service Reports
Companies that inspect and service fire protection systems are required by the California Fire Code to provide the local fire agency having jurisdiction with copies of all inspection and service reports reflecting semi-annual, annual, and five-year inspections.

The best way to get reports to the Inspection Services Section is to scan and email the reports to:

Service Tags and Labels on Fire Protection Systems
With regard to service labels for water-based fire protection systems and service tags for Engineered and Pre-Engineered Fixed Systems, Title 19, Chapter 5, Article 6, Section 906 (i) states the following:

“The label or tag approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshal shall be affixed to a system only after all deficiencies have been corrected.”

All fire protection service companies conducting business in the Santa Barbara County Fire Department jurisdiction must comply with the above requirement. Adherence to the Title 19 requirement will reduce potential confusion in the field for our engine companies as they conduct their business safety inspections.

When our agency conducts engine company inspections of required fire protection systems, it is our expectation that if there is a service tag or label with current date, the system has no California Fire Code violations. Therefore, no tag or label will indicate that the system is not compliant and our engine companies can take necessary code enforcement action.

Fire Protection District Map
To assist you with determining which fire department to mail service reports to or contact when you need assistance, visit our “Fire Protection District Map”. To get there, back up to the “Doing Business” pulldown list and click on the link.