News Releases


Righetti Burn News Release

Ellwood Annual Emergency Siren Test Nov. 12 2019

Riley Retirement News Release

9-11-2019 News Release 9 11

Sewer Smoke Test News Release

Springs Incident Cause

Harris Grade Fire Cause

Vehicle of Interest from Foxen 2 Incident



Lompoc Valley Fuels Project News Release

4-25-19 WUI Drill New Release

4-9-19 News Advisory Promotions

SBC Fire News Release 575 N. Alisal Fire Cause

3-19-19 News Release Zaniboni Retirement

3-5-19 Debris Flow Increased Staffing


12-17-18 Cottage Hosp. Christmas Trees

12-17-18 Promotion Ceremony News Advisory

12-17-18 BurnProgram

12-11-18 Permit Burning

7-25-18 UCSB Lagoon Burn

7-24-2018 Increased Staffing

7-23-18 Red Flag Warning

7-23-18 News Release Cruces and Windmill Fire Cause

5-9-18 News Release High Fire Season

2-28-18 Debris Flow Increased Staffing

2-8-2018 Permit Burning

5-17-17 news release High Fire Season

5-2-17 News Release Sherpa Fire Cause

3-9-17 News Advisory Graduation

1-18-17 CWPP PressRelease and Boundary Map

10-18-16 Red Flag Warning

9-13-16 News Advisory UCSB Lagoon Burn

9-22-16 Red Flag Warning

6-27-16 News Release Burn Ban

6-23-16 Red Flag Warning

6-18-16 Red Flag Warning

5-5-16 news release High Fire Season

01-04-16 News Release Winter Transition, Burn Ban Lifted

11-9-15 News Advisory Suspicious Fire Cuase


10-5-15 Fire Prevention Week

10-10-15 Pancake Breakfast

9-7-15  9-11 Ceremony

7-2-15 Fireworks Patrol

6-30-15 Mesa Fire Tip Line

6-29-15 Mesa Incident

6-22-15 Pulse Point News Release

6-19-15 News Release Burn Ban

6-9-15 Firefighters Quest

5-27-15 News Release Defensible Space

5-13-15 News Release Firefighter Re-engages to Nepal

5-28-15 Pulse Point Soft Launch

4-27-15 News Release Firefighter Deployment to Nepal

4-20-15 Every 15 Minutes

4-13-15 High Fire Season Joint Release

3-24-2015 Deputy Chief

3-3-2015 news release chipping project

1-19-2015 news release Dyer retirement BOS

1-13-2015 news release Appointment of New Fire Chief