The Enforcement / Investigation Section is responsible for investigating fire incidents and activities in County jurisdiction as well as enforcing the codes dealing with fire safety and hazardous materials storage, use and waste.  Additionally, this section provides complex fire safety and hazardous materials inspections of businesses and processes throughout the county’s business community.  The information gathered from these inspections is shared with fire companies, giving them the information they need to protect their district and respond appropriate resources if an emergency occurs in one of these facilities.  Other duties include:

•             Criminal Investigations and follow up

•             Background Investigations

•             Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Arson Task Force

•             Serious Accident/ Near Miss Investigations

•             Department Vehicle Accident Investigations

•             Testifying for criminal and civil cases

•             Off-Shore Oil Facility Enforcement

•             On-Shore Oil Facility Enforcement

•             Engine Company Referrals/Conflict resolution for non-compliance

•             Explosives Permit Inspections and Issuing

•             Fireworks Permit Inspections and Issuing

•             Coordinated Foot Patrol in Isla Vista with Santa Barbara County Sherriff’s Dept.

•             Quarterly Firearms/Perishable Skills Training with SBSO

•             Film Permit Inspections and Issuing

To contact the Enforcement/Investigation Section or to provide information regarding a fire please contact fireinfo@sbcfire.com.