El Niño Preparedness









It never rains in California

This upcoming winter and spring, by all accounts, may change that statement in a big way.

El Niño is a phenomenon of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific Ocean. It displaces a huge volume of warm water from the western Pacific, moving it to the eastern Pacific. This disruption has important consequences for weather and climate around the globe.

El Niño is not a single storm like a hurricane. Rather, we might see a series of storms producing above normal rainfall totals.

This much anticipated El Niño is on track to be the biggest in history, and we may be in for extreme weather, including record rains and flooding in Southern California.

Will this one rainy season be enough to end the drought?  Most meteorologists say no, but if predictive models hold, it will bring much welcomed relief to our parched land with well above average rainfall.

This is likely to be a very wet rainy season for us. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department is ready and here when you need us, and we want you to be a part of our team. Please take the time now to inspect your home and vehicle and prepare yourself for when the rain starts to fall.

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