Inspection Services

The Inspection Services Section oversees and coordinates the various fire and life safety inspection programs conducted by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. The purpose of the inspection programs is to insure that local businesses and agencies follow the requirements of local fire ordinances and provisions of the California Fire Code. Therefore, the Inspection Services Section is a subset of and works closely with the Enforcement/Investigations Section of the Fire Prevention Division.


Santa Barbara County Fire Department conducts fire and life safety inspections on an annual basis. In addition to Engine Company Inspections, the department has incorporated the B-SAFE Self-Inspection Program as an element of our safety inspection process.

The Business Safety and Fire Education Program (B-SAFE) is an education program for small business and building owners which teaches the responsible party how to keep their employees, their customers, and their property fire safe by adhering to the requirements of the California Building and Fire Codes. Education materials and a self-inspection check-list allow for the business owner to educate him/herself and their employees in learning the safety inspection process.

More complex inspections and those businesses that present a larger potential for life and/or dollar loss are conducted by Santa Barbara County Fire Department engine company personnel from the local fire stations. These inspections include schools, hospitals, large care facilities, hazardous occupancies, and assembly occupancies such as restaurants, movie theaters and auditoriums.

Below you will find Fire Code Summaries which lay out the requirements of the California Fire Code with regard to the different building Occupancy Types and California Fire Code operational permits that are required when certain uses and/or storage are utilized as a part of your business.

Fire Code Summaries

SBC Code Summary – Assembly Occupancy

SBC Code Summary – Business Occupancy

SBC Code Summary – Commercial Kitchen Hood Systems

SBC Code Summary – Educational Occupancy

SBC Code Summary – Hazardous Occupancies

SBC Code Summary – Institutional Occupancies

SBC Code Summary – Large Family Day Care Homes

SBC Code Summary – Mercantile Occupancy

SBC Code Summary – Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

SBC Code Summary – Residential Occupancy

Permit Requirements

Permits – Aerosol Products

Permits – Amusement Buildings

Permits – Candles and Open Flame Devices

Permits – Carnivals and Fairs

Permits – Combustible Dust

Permits – Compressed Gases

Permits – Cutting and Welding (Hot Work)

Permits – Flammable Finishes – Spraying & Dipping Operations

Permits – Haz Mat Signage and Permit Guideline

Permits – High Piled Combustible Storage

Permits – LP Gas

Permits – Lumber Yards and Woodworking Facilities

Permits – Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities

Permits – Oil Field Facilities

Permits – Refrigeration Equipment

Permits – Repair Garages

Permits – Rural Inspection – Above-ground Tanks for Motor Fuel Dispensing

Permits – Tents and Other Membrane Structures

If you have any questions regarding the Inspection Services Section, please call 805 681-5537.